We welcome custom projects. We are particularly established in the following areas for prototype production (planned future capabilities shown in italics):

  • Primary forming: ceramic casting, machine pressing.
  • Reshaping: forging, hydroforming, sheet metal working, thermoforming.
  • Cutting: abrasive brushing, broaching, cleaning, countersinking, drilling, electrical discharge machining, trimming, filing, grinding, honing, lapping, milling, reaming, sawing, scraping, shot blastingturningvibratory finishing.
  • Joining: adhesive bonding, braiding, brazing, clinching, diffusion bonding, electric resistance welding, friction welding, gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, knitting, manual metal arc welding, riveting, screwing, soldering, stitching, ultrasonic soldering, ultrasonic welding.
  • Coating: powder coating, screen printing, spray painting, thermal spraying.
  • Altering material properties: work hardening, heat treating, sintering, burning.

We also offer consultancy services in the following software and engineering tools:

Please send us an email inquiry about your specific needs. 

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We took a fresh look at T12/8 and T8/5 cooling time sensor technologies for fusion welding applications. The cooling time can be measured via a two-colour pyrometer (ratio pyrometer) or thermocouple. For ferrous materials, InGaAs photodetectors with near-infrared wavelength are a good choice. Two-colour pyrometers are useful for automatic welding as well as for T12/8 cooling time measurement. A type N thermocouple can be fusion welded together with the weldment, which is a problem in automated production, but its simple and rugged mode of operation opens up possibilities not available to other techniques:

  • A reasonably priced thermometer with data logger features and a spreadsheet can be used to measure and calculate the cooling time – easy to use and self-explanatory.
  • Measurement of preheat temperature, interpass temperature and soaking temperature is also possible with a surface temperature thermocouple.
  • Calibration and adjustment of the measurement equipment is feasible with a simple precision voltage source.
  • Placement of the T8/5 cooling time sensor is done ahead of or with welding for every welding position in the factory or the job site.

Thermomechanically rolled fine-grain structural steels, as well as other steels that are heat or cooling-time sensitive, can benefit from time-sensitive temperature measurement procedures. Using a spreadsheet to calculate the cooling time means the temperature constraints can easily be changed to accommodate exotic metals. Our T8/5 cooling time sensor technology based on a type N thermocouple is less expensive than two-colour pyrometers, and is therefore an ideal solution for budget-sensitive applications in harsh environments. Common mineral insulated thermocouples are too expensive for a disposable sensor and also too unreliable. 

The welding parameters can be tested before welding procedure specification. The measurement of the cooling time can be used afterwards for quality control together with the other welding parameters. The welding supervisor can save costs by minimizing the number of attempts needed to generate the welding procedure specification, improve the reproducibility in series production and ensure high-quality repair work on single parts.

Our T8/5 cooling time sensor technology is currently in the development stage. Please let us know your requirements. 


We took a fresh look at capacitive displacement sensor technology for tribological applications. While it is often discounted due to its reduced accuracy, its excellent precision opens up possibilities not available to other techniques:

  • searching for resonance frequencies and bypassing them by adjusting the rotational speed independent of most outside disturbance sources;
  • measuring the deflection of the shaft and bearings to calculate the fatigue for optimizing predictive and preventive maintenance;
  • adjusting oil film thickness in hydrostatic bearing systems;
  • observing the performance of sliding contact bearings (sleeve bearings) or rolling contact bearings (antifriction bearings) to prevent secondary damage through emergency shutdown.

There are a lot of applications not related to tribology that can also use this technology. Our transformer ratio bridge modules with two fix attached sensors and one necessary signal ground can be connected to a client-specific printed circuit board, allowing measurement and calculation of the position, frequency response, etc. in more than one direction with a high sampling rate at low cost.

All three modes of operation (changing sensing areas, changing the distance between sensing areas, changing the medium between sensing areas) can be used. For high accuracy the two sensing areas are subtracted from each other, reducing temperature drift.

Our capacitive displacement sensor technology is currently in the development stage. Please let us know your requirements.


We took a fresh look at slideway roller actuator technologies for precision small-force actuator applications. Linear motors and linear voice coil actuators, for example, can be used, but introduce heat into the motion system. Temperature drift can be eliminated through forced cooling, which adds to the complexity of the structural components. While slideway roller actuator technology is often discounted due to its unfamiliarity, its cost-effectiveness and life expectancy is comparable with other tribological systems containing balls or rollers. Its unique mechanical arrangement provides characteristics that are not easily achieved with only direct- and indirect-drive mechanisms:

  • depending on the rotor and roller diameter, a gearing effect on the tongue and speed can be achieved;
  • the motor or handwheel can be placed outside the center of the motion system;
  • the moment of inertia is independent of the slideway length;
  • the backlash and the mounting tolerances are compensated through flexure joints.

Wire bonders, measuring microscopes and so forth can benefit from slideway roller actuators. Our slideway roller actuator technology based on a roller in a slideway groove has fewer precision parts, providing an ideal solution for budget-sensitive applications in special-purpose machinery. The assembly is prelubricated with grease prior to shipment, so there is no need for preservation and maintenance work. Machine efficiency will be high, and excessive load will provoke slippage, thereby preventing accidents.

Our slideway roller actuator technology is currently in the development stage. Please let us know your requirements.


We took a fresh look at thermoforming technologies for high-performance thermoplastics. There are currently only a few approaches on the market for doing this, mainly because the infrared heating systems normally used are not sufficiently quick or accurate; there are also some thermoplastics with high infrared transparency, like polysulfon. All these issues can be bypassed by using an accurately heated metal liquid to heat and press the thermoplastic into the mould. Our unique heating system is fast, accurate, simple and rugged, which opens up possibilities not available to other techniques:

  • Overheating is not possible and the process time is as short as feasible.
  • Almost all thermoplastics (thermosoft plastics) can be thermoformed without needing to modify the raw materials.
  • Heating and pressing can occur simultaneously during moulding, which allows the production of layered composites or sandwich structures at low cost, by automated processes and with complex shapes.
  • Thin metals can be hydroformed in the same mould and the same machine.

There are a lot of applications in electronics and medical technology that would benefit financially from thermoformed high-performance thermoplastics, like thermoforming 3D-scanned samples. Our special-purpose liquid metal heating system has almost no moving parts and is electronically controllable, providing an ideal solution for integration into custom-built thermoforming machinery.

Our thermoforming technology is currently in the development stage. Please let us know your requirements.


There are two paths to investing in our current projects: customers who would like to have more influence in a specific project and later would like to manufacture their market share; or investors who would like to buy whole successful projects. Normally, we retain control of projects that are financially successful and are still manageable for us.

We defend our standard products with inventiveness and being the first to market with automated production. Our projects are patentable, if you believe that two old ideas together create a new one; we personally do not. That does not mean that for advertising patents are not necessary or helpful.


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